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Hi, I'm Alexis, Freelance front-end web developer based in France. As a freelancer, I'm working for clients around the world.

Being a big proponent of the JAMstack I preferably work with React JS and Gatsby JS, accompanied by a serverless architecture.

Interesting ?

If you need a new custom-made website, a unique web shop or have an idea of an engaging web application: Please feel free to contact me and we'll talk about the details!

I'm a front-end web developer who creates unique websites around each brand and help grow your business.


MY LAST PROJECTS | 2020 - 2019


Travel blog centered around Benin, Africa and more. Made with Gatsby.js, Bulma and Netlify CMS. Website with a very light design and fast navigation.

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Travel blog


Showcase for an agency. The goal has been to put forward their services. Showcase made with Gatsby.js, Bulma and Netlify CMS.

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Online sales website to sell online courses and ebooks. There is also an interface that allows users to log in and take courses and download documents and ebooks. Made with Gatsby.js, Bulma, Stripe, Firebase and Netlify CMS.

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Showcase for a sophrologist. The objective was to highlight the services offered and have visibility on the Web. Showcase made with Gatsby.js, Bulma and Netlify CMS.

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Why building an e-commerce website with Shopify and Gatsby JS ?

E-commerce is a very trendy activity that allows you to sell or buy products or services ...

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I finally have a blog

It's been a while since I had to create this blog. This blog will be about web development...

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